Friday, April 25, 2008

NYC Bridal Show

Linnea and I made a quick trip down and back to New York City on Monday for the Wedding Salon's Bridal Show at Gotham Hall.

Gotham Hall is a seven-story ballroom, with an amazing three hundred-foot wide stained glass skylight, a huge gilded chandelier, Corithian columns, and marble floors. It's really an awe-inspiring space. The show was a who's who of New York's wedding vendors and showcased some of the best ideas and products for high-end brides.

Of course, on the the way out of the city I had to make a quick pit-stop at one of the best (yet decidedly non-high-end) hot dog joints in the city... Gray's Papaya. Although I've always been partial to the original, Papaya King, sometimes you just gotta go with what's convenient. For those of you that have never partaken, these "Papaya" places serve fruit smoothie's and hot dogs... which might seem like an odd combination, but you gotta try it! :)

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Steve Ballmer said...

I love your pictures, good blog!
I just hope you use Vista!