Sunday, April 20, 2008

David Wells Workshop

Saturday I attended the David Wells workshop on Copyright & Stock Photography for Professional Photographers at the Harvard Club in Boston. I actually won my entry at last month's PUG meeting and I'm really glad I did!

David is an incredibly accomplished photographer who has made some incredible images during his long freelance career. He shared his philosophies on the importance of registering ALL of your images with the Library of Congress and the benefits of setting up your workflow to automatically track the process. He also gave us great insight into the world of Stock Photography and how it could be a profitable addition to our businesses.

Thanks to Matt Grazier for organizing the workshop. And it was great meeting a few new friends during the day too...check out their sites: Megan Marascalo, Michael Blanchard, and Tara Morris & Ben Wight.

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Anna Yu said...

hehehe, I see my friend Michael Blanchard there! Great job, Will, you are my spy :)