Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Liberty Hotel

Linnea and I were recently invited to a party at the new Liberty Hotel, Boston. What an impressive & unique piece of architecture...and an amazing place for a wedding reception!

The hotel is carved out of a 19th century jail located at the foot of historic Beacon Hill. The amazing central atrium soars 90 feet in the air and contains a hoppin' lobby bar, 3 levels of exposed catwalks, and 4 beautiful circular widows. Plus off the atrium there's also the hotel restaurant, Clink and a nightclub, Alibi.

They've preserved much of the jail's original "charm", as you can see from some of quick photos I snapped w/ my iphone....


eric said...

lookin sharp, man! I love it. Great to see you last night... thanks for coming out.


Grazier Photography said...

Cool! I've been wanting to go and check out the Liberty on the inside - it looks beautiful!