Thursday, March 20, 2008

Belle Mer

Linnea and I went down to Newport, RI last Saturday for a couple of client meetings. (Take a look at Sunday's and Monday's posts below for even more photos from the day.)

One of Linnea's brides is getting married at Belle Mer in Newport this summer. It's located on Goat Island, which is just off the mainland and faces Naragansett bay. I had never been and was impressed with the simple elegance of the place. It feels like a mix of Newport, Miami, and The Hamptons all in one. There are huge windows which let in amazing light, a cool fireplace, beautiful arches, and a great outdoor area for ceremonies. The only thing missing is more property so the photographer and the couple can get away for some more intimate photos.

Belle Mer is owned by Longwood Events, who run the State Room and Veronique. Here are few photos I grabbed during our tour....

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rachel said...

will.... you've managed to capture the place vibrantly even when empty. it makes a lovely setting for a wedding. if any of your clients want to check out a real live wedding that was there, you can see some shots at