Thursday, May 21, 2009

Melissa & Iver: Wedding

When Melissa arrived at the ceremony in her gorgeous Rolls Royce, I could feel the excitement and anticipation of the day reaching it's crescendo. She gracefully emerged and walked the long aisle of the Living Hope church...into the arms of her soon to be husband Iver.

Following the ceremony we rode the short distance to beautiful Smith Barn in Peabody. We took some amazing relaxed portraits and romantic candids on the lush grounds and then joined the rest of the guests in the idyllic 1903 barn built to store apples from the surrounding orchards. It was such a beautiful wedding and Melissa and Iver are two of the sweetest people ever! I wish them all the best...always and forever.

P.S. I think my favorite shot of the day is the one I captured just before Melissa & Iver were announced into the barn. It had started sprinkling, Iver was chivalrously holding the umbrella, and Melissa just happened to glance my way with a look that only a bride on her wedding day could have. :) It was really the perfect moment a photographer hopes for....just classic.

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Flowers: Elizabeth McClure of Flourish & Ferns (blog)
Cupcakes: The Cupcake Boutique


erica said...

that is an AWESOME venue! beautiful couple and you captured their wedding great will.

melissa said...

Will - these are fantastic! Oh my gosh - I don't even know what to say! They are everything I could have hoped for. You are the best!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Will, you are SO talented! These pictures are amazing! I cannot wait to see Courtney and Mike's!