Monday, August 25, 2008

Skip's: an American classic

Summer in New England would not be complete without at least one trip to Skip's Snack Bar in Merrimac, MA. We're lucky enough to live just ten minutes away from this American institution that plays host to "cruise nights" every other Saturday from June through September.

Skip's is an old-fashioned burger joint that transports you back in time. The bacon double-cheeseburger is a neat little bundle tucked into a folded paper napkin... the crispy curly fries, which they're famous for, are overflowing the cardboard basket... and the grilled hot dog is topped with a perfect zig-zag of bright yellow mustard. And everything tastes as good as it looks.

Of course, the other fun part of a Skip's visit are the classic cars. On "cruise nights" people come from far and wide to show-off what a winter of tinkering in the garage has produced. The big grass field behind the restaurant plays host to hundreds of cars...who's owners sit in lawn chairs chatting about the weather and their new vinyl upholstery.

There really is nothing like it on a warm summer night in New England (except for a wedding of course)! ;)

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