Monday, June 23, 2008

Snowy is home!

It's a long I'll try to make it short (and sweet).

Snowy was our neighbor's cat, but since she spent most of her day outdoors she would make her daily rounds and visit eveyone in the neighborhood. She was friendly, loved to be pet, and craved attention from all who would give it. She would often spend lazy summer afternoons napping on our shady front porch.

Last September, Snowy's owners decided to move and gave Snowy away to friends in a neighboring town (before Linnea and I could express our desire to adopt her). Sadly, just a week after she moved, we heard that Snowy had ran away from her new home. And unfortunately, her new owners did not care enough to spend time looking for her. So Linnea and I took it upon ourselves to search her new neighborhood and post signs on every telephone pole we could find. We did receive a few phone calls in October, but they all turned out not to be Snowy. The cold and snowy Winter came and we hoped that she had found a warm new home.

Fast forward 8 months....
Last week the phone rang. Someone had been regularly seeing a white cat in the woods behind their house and had been feeding her for a while. So yesterday she showed up again and Linnea and I went down to see if it was her. And it WAS! She had MIRACULOUSLY survived the winter and looked wonderful. Needless to say, we decided to adopt her and brought her home. She took right to her old stomping grounds and our front porch, like she had never left. I think you can see how happy she is from these photos. It's a great feeling to have her home.

P.S. She went to the vet today and passed all her tests with flying colors! :)

P.P.S. Linnea and I are big supporters of the Merrimac Feline Rescue Society. They are always in need of food, blankets, and donations! Here is their donation Wish List.


Anna Yu said...

Will, what a great sweet story, and it is really a miracle that she survived and came back! Congrats on your new family member, she is so beautiful! (and I adore cats!!! i've had them *all my life* back in russia)

rosie said...

We are soooo happy to have our
4th. Grandkitty!!!!! She is just Beautiful!
Love, Mom & Dad

Shelley said...

Now that is a happy ending!! I was just admiring all of your FABULOUS photos and then I see this story! That is absolutely amazing. I had a friend move away a few years ago and was just going to leave her cat to find a new home. Well, even though I had 3 cats already, I wasn't about to let that happen!! Some people!! So, now, 5 years later, Cinnamon is quite happily settled into our family! And guess what? I just found out that my now ex friend has 2 cats!

Snowy is gorgeous and obviously happy to be home!!!